Great Big Podcast

Celebrating people, physician assistants, books, and movies

October 07, 2021 Fort Hood Public Affairs Season 2 Episode 40
Great Big Podcast
Celebrating people, physician assistants, books, and movies
Show Notes

This week's episode is a little longer, but that's because we filled it with two captivating interviews on the newly opened People First Center and National Physician Assistant Week. Plus, we have started our new segment, Book and Movie of the Month, which takes place at the end of the regularly scheduled content. Listen in and be sure to email us saying what you think the next book/movie of the month should be!

For those interested in learning more about becoming a physician assistant for the Army, please visit this website, designed to provide information about becoming an Army Physician Assistant (PA) via the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) and to provide civilian trained Physician Assistants (PA-C) information about the career opportunities within the Army:

Interview 1 starts at 00:38:41
Interview 2  starts at 17:21:81
Interview 3 starts at 45:18:25

The crew:
- Samantha Farlow, Fort Hood Public Affairs
- SGT Brianna Doo, 1st Cavalry Division Band
- SPC Garrett Dacko, 11th Corps Signal Brigade

- Colonel Bill Zielinski, R2 Director of the People First Center
- Captain Rose Meeks, the People First Center Commandant
- Captain Robert Holley, Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellow at the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
- Blair Dupre, Sports/Leisure Editor for the Fort Hood Sentinel   
- Megan Skipper, Living Editor for the Fort Hood Sentinel 

Music provided by the following:
"Gun Metal Grey" (opening/closing theme music) - Delicious Allstars
"Learning By Doing" - Niklas Olovson
"Rocking The Beat" -  Marcus Bressler

All music obtained, royalty free, through Filter by Songtradr at

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